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What our clients are saying 
his is Your Boy Huggy Lowdown and I've Been training with Mirror Image(fitness twins) for a couple of months now. I can Honestly Say that my dieting and will to workout (even on my Own) was because of Charmaine Staying on me about Making Fitness A priority and A Part of My Daily Life. In A couple of months people are Noticing my transformation….Waist Size Down…Biceps Up! and my Stomach is Slowly disappearing. I'm In The Best Shape Of my Life! ---Tom Joyner Morning Show Radio Personality, Comedian/Entertainer Huggy Lowdown
So, after one year I am halfway to my goal weight. I thought I would take this moment to reflect a bit. It took me 7 months to lose just 8 pounds. I lost the next 17pounds in the 1/2 months of working out with you. I couldn't have done it without your wonderful support and at times pushing. I think the more important part of this process for me has been the change in my attitude. While I do have a goal weight, it is completely tied to my fitness and not a size. I just want to become fit and healthy. I want this to be my forever lifestyle. I really think that your comfortable environment and fun classes make that goal easily attainable.
Thanks for everything!
Nathalie G.
"I visited my doctor last week and he was very pleased, as was I. I've improved on a number of measures since I last saw him 3 months ago. I've lost 10 pounds so far, gone from pre-diabetic to normal based on my blood sugar and A1C levels and he was able to reduce my blood pressure medication. He was excited because he said he wasn't used to patients really listening to him and following through on his instructions to lose weight, exercise and eat healthy. I shared with him that in addition to changing my diet, I was going to boot camp 3 days a week. Your camp makes all the difference in the world because the work-out is rigorous, yet you make it fun and I get to enjoy the comradery of a great group of people".
"The fit & fun bootcamp is every bit of it's namesake. As I prepared to shed close to 25 lbs for my wedding, the twins helped me every step of the way. Their support and help, including their willingness to go the extra mile was extremely encouraging. With their fitness expertise I was quickly able to reach my goal in a few months. My heartfelt thanks to the twins for helping me look my very best on the most important day of my life. I highly recommend the fit & fun bootcamp!" 
 AWESOME class!!!  I just completed my second boot camp and can testify to 3 1/2 inches off my waist and about 5 pounds lost, that's net of the incredible muscle I gained in my legs, arms and core.  Most importantly, as a recent ex-part-time-smoker, I was able to run ALL the way around Sligo Middle School twice by the end of the 2nd camp.  On day one, I could barely run to the stop sign (about 200 meters) and walked most of the time while others around me ran.  My one-mile run time came down by about 2 minutes over the course of the two camps.  If you love MOTOWN and MJ you will DIG this class and the ladies are a lot of fun, even at O'Dark Hundred.  The instructors are the best and the results speak for themselves.  You never tire of hearing your friends ask - "What are you doing that you look so slim and trim?" (oh, and I am 50, so it's particularly sweet to hear this at my tender age!)
--Marie in Silver Spring
"When I joined Boot Camp in October 2008, my goal was to increase my flexibility & energy.  Well, not only did this occur, I noticed a major improvement with my mental & physical health.  Elaine  & Charmaine are supportive and professional.  They start and end on time which is important to me.  There is no competition, other than with yourself.  The music is great!!  I really get rejuvenated when they play Motown/Temptations!!! "
Jackie aka "Ms Motown" 
"I joined the Fitness Twins (Charmaine and Elaine) Fit and Fun Boot Camp in July 2008 and I weighed 276lbsIts February 2009 and I have gone from a size 24 to a size 20, my goal is to be a size 18-16 by the Summer. I cannot believe the quick transformation In the past I have joined  the popular  gyms and diet programs but my results seem to make me gain weight, maybe, because I felt out of place. The Twins however, are encouraging and patient, they provide a comfortable diverse atmosphere for all sizes, shapes, ages and gender. I feel much healthier and each session is something different which means I haven't lost interest... just pounds.  The music and the social interaction is awesome too! :~)"
Big C
“When I started Boot Camp with the Twins I was self conscious. I could not even do “ONE” push up” The Twins provided me with the technique, encouragement and environment to gain strength and self confidence. I have now completed several boot camps with the Twins and I am continually challenged.I can now do 25 push ups on my TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It if were not for the twins and their commitment to their boot camp and clients, I might still be laying on the floor unable to do a push up. Thanks Ladies and I will keep coming back!"
"After being involved with Fit and Fun Bootcamp for the past three months, I have lost 17 pounds!  Being a part of the bootcamp has been both a challenging and rewarding experience! The twins have pushed me beyond what I thought were my limits.  I am now running longer, lifting heavier weights, and pushing myself to do more.  Besides the weight loss, bootcamp has improved how I view exercise and the importance of making it part of my daily routine.  The twins have been a great support system and really care about each individual who is a part of their camp, and they are truly committed to helping you become a better and healtheir you!"
My wife surprised me with a Twin Touch ® Massage with the Fitness Twins for my birthday. The atmosphere was great and it was the absolute best massage I've ever had.  After this experience, I don't think I'll ever go back to a regular two-hand massage again.  I've told my friends about the twins and I will be visiting again soon!
"I play flag football and recently I acquired a shoulder injury.  I was instructed to find a licensed massage therapist to work  the muscles in my shoulder. What's great about the Fitness Twins (Charmaine and Elaine) is their services provide a One-Stop-Shop network for Fitness.  Both are licensed massage therapist and very affordable for the amount of service you receive. What was professional was when Elaine took time to  to show me on a chart what muscles were bruised. Elaine's  therapy  has greatly reduced the swelling and I have much movement in my shoulders. I am definitely a satisfied client"......Carla